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Let’s look at the definitions….

Pro-active:  choosing actions that can give you a preferred outcome

Re-active: having to take action in response to events that have happened

When you are proactive you are focused on taking actions to create the health or life you want.  If you are reactive then you are having to take action to fix problems or situations that have already happened.  We have all heard the saying:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  By taking action proactively, there is usually much less time, money and energy spent with much better results.  When you wait for things to happen and then do something about it, you are usually faced with much more effort, time and money to restore things to the way you prefer them (that is if they can even be restored)

A reactive approach means you don’t have a plan, you haven’t decided how you would like things to go.  You let events and challenges control your life instead of being able to choose

How you would like things to go.  An analogy is like just spontaneously going out into the sea for a swim.  You didn’t check the weather reports or prepare in any way.  Then a storm blows in.  You are caught in wavy waters just trying to keep you head above water and to survive.  The waves and storm will take you wherever they feel like and you have absolutely no control over it.  Now imagine this same scenario from a proactive approach.  You did plan ahead… say you checked the weather and saw that there may be a storm.  So, you took a life jacket and a whistle and some swim fins.  Now, when the storm comes you can float without struggling.  You can swim in the stronger current and you have a whistle to alert people to where you are.

Now you are not stressed out and struggling for survival, you are in tune with the waves and with getting to safety.

Many people are proactive financially. You are working hard to become financially independent and have money for the future and to take care of your health later when you are older.  What you are missing here is that, right at this moment is the opportunity to live your life with a healthy balance so that you can maintain your health as you age.  In being proactive financially sometime you become reactive in your health choices.  When we have a comfortable, healthy body we are supporting life and in return life supports us.   In order to have a comfortable, healthy body it is important to plan and be proactive.  One of the most important aspects of your life is your HEALTH and WELLBEING.

Well… you may ask yourself:  “How can I be proactive vs reactive”

Each of us has our own individual preferences in life.  Based on my life experience I see being proactive as choosing meaningful acts with the purpose of experiencing the feelings and life I choose versus reactionary acts that toss me about causing unwanted feelings and experiences.

I hope this may shed some light on the path you choose to becoming proactive in your life.

How do you want your life to be?  Take proactive action towards that.


To Your Health …. Cheers!

Masoud Shahanaghi

Rest Assured Body Works


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