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CranioSacral Therapy Have you ever wondered why some people can be involved in a serious car accident and walk away without a scratch, and others are rear ended by another car and they are riddled with injuries, pain and challenges for years?

Who do you know that has chronic pain, acute pain or anxiety, depression or high levels of stress? Maybe it’s you, and it doesn’t matter what treatments you have; whether it is a massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga or some other complementary therapy or traditional form of healthcare support; the pain just doesn’t go away for good…. The reason could very well be, and is most likely, because your body has energy trapped in the tissue that has been there for a short time or a very long time as a result of a past experience. For some time, the body has been able to function with this foreign energy that is “stuck” in the tissue. You body’s ability to “function” with that foreign mass however, creates a weakness in that area of the body, and over time, the tissue and structure continues to weaken until the body becomes vulnerable and open to injury and illness.

At first, when the trauma occurs; the conscious mind is sometimes incapable of processing what happened; whether it is physical abuse, physical trauma from an accident or fall, or any other type of assault that the body, mind and spirit experiences. By the time that the experience subsides and you go back to your regular life activities, you are unaware that a foreign substance – “energy” has taken up residence and has now interrupted the natural flow and rhythm of energy that makes your body work.
Our bodies actually have 3 types of rhythms:
1. Heart Beat
2. Breath
3. Craniosacral system
Each system runs separately from the other and yet when one of those systems is out of whack, the whole system becomes unbalanced.

That is where craniosacral therapy comes into play.

A trained practitioner, with proper training and skill, will be able to identify where in your body, you have a blockage of energy, through following the ebb and flow of the craniosacral fluid. This rhythm has three qualifications that the practitioner will be observing and analysing. They are:
1. Rate
2. Amplitude
3. Rhythm

By monitoring these factors, the practitioner will be able to support the body and or tissue where the energy is stuck, allowing the intelligence of the “inner Physician” and the body to feel safe, supported and able to begin the releasing the blockage.

The Releasing Process

The releasing of trapped energy can be expressed in a multitude of ways;
• Breathe release
• Heat
• Emotions
• Twitching
• Digestive gurgling

As the body feels the support, the individual being supported may begin to feel a tightening or pressure in a certain area in their body. This can be considered as a resistance to releasing, (which is unconscious), or even part of the process of the release. How the release ends of happening can vary depending on what that energy is connected to. If it is a highly emotionally charged energy stuck in the tissue, then the client may feel and express an emotion. This emotion can vary from a single tear rolling down the cheek or laughter, crying or a list of many ways we emote. The opportunity is for the client to fully allow the expression of this trapped energy to be released. Once this happens…..it is released for good and the discomfort or the dis-ease in the body subsides.

A beautiful lightness is felt in the body when the release happens and a clearer view of the world emerges. Craniosacral therapy, is a gentle yet powerful way of realigning the structure of the skeleton, and soft tissue as well as balancing the flow of energy that the body needs to have in order to live life to the fullest.

I specialize in the following areas:
• Pediatrics
• Labor and Deliver
• Chronic Fatigue
• MS

General Craniosacral therapies for:
• Migraine Headaches
• TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding
• Scoliosis
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Digestive issues
• Anger
• Stress

One of the greatest things that Craniosacral therapy accomplishes is a strengthening of the immune system. Therefore, even if you have “nothing” bothering you, the benefits of Craniosacral therapy are good for everyone from the unborn to those on their way back to the other side. I will conclude with a case study a mom brought her child in for a cranio session because he was expressing a great deal of anger in school, yet when he was at home he was relatively fine. She thought that Craniosacral therapy could perhaps help.

I began to see this client every couple of weeks for approximately an hour and upon each subsequent session, the mom reported that her child had shown marked improvement in school.

Each time I worked on this child, the body would draw my attention to the neck, and temporal area. I asked him if he had ever experienced any headaches. His response was, “yes, everyday!”

At that point, I decided to perform a technique that required mouth work, where I would put on protective gloves, and go into his mouth and provide support for the tissue and joints to be released from the tension and misalignment.

After that session, this little guy has not had a headache since and his anger dissolved completely. He became a completely different child at home and at school. I have no idea how long this little lad had been suffering from this dis-ease in his little body. It may have gone all the way back to when his mother was birthing him. At any rate, this little guy is now a strapping young man with aspirations of a wonderful career in aviation. His grades in school are top notch and he is an absolute delight to be around. His mom periodically brings him in for a session just to keep the tension in his body at bay and in his own words when asked what Craniosacral does for him, he says, “I feel way more relaxed and calm.”

At the very least craniosacral therapy gives the receiver an opportunity to decompress from the stresses of the world they live in. Consider exploring the world of a gentle touch that has the ability to impact your life in a deeply profound and powerful way.

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