Update from our dental clinic regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We are writing to you today to provide you with information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the steps we are taking to ensure your safety within our practice.

Dental offices have a very high standard of infection control. It is something we are well practiced at as it is what we do every moment of every day in our clinic. There is a very detailed Infection, Prevention and Control Protocol that is mandatory for all dental offices to in Calgary Beltline

We follow the most current policies and procedures. In addition to this we are implementing other systems in our office for an added level of protection. In all of our washrooms we have Vionex – antimicrobial hand soap. It is medical grade hand soap.

  • We are recommending that all people wash their hands upon entering our office and also prior to exiting our office.
  • At the front desk we have hand sanitizer available for everyone to use upon request.
  • Our cleaners come in daily to clean and sanitize the office.
  • Our team is cleaning the front desk area daily with antimicrobial wipes.
  • We have a protocol for sick team members to stay home.
  • And, we have a proactive protocol in place for patients to allow changes to their appointments if they are presenting any of the symptoms associated with the coronavirus.
  • There is also a protocol in place to manage any patients who come into the office with any symptoms.

The most important thing in times like these is to take care of your health. Take this as an excellent opportunity to improve your lifestyle. Do everything you can to reduce stress, reduce fear and focus on all the things that can boost your immune system to stay healthy. Follow common sense hand hygiene, get sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise and do things that you enjoy. We have another email coming out next week with many amazing tips to help you maintain excellent health.

Our business hours have not changed.

With sincere appreciation from our whole team!!

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