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Your Dental Health: Understand how dentists establish fees for your dental care

As health care professionals, dentists are focused on providing you with customized care to support your dental and overall health. Understanding how dental fees are established and how you can find out about the cost of your care before treatment, will help you make the best decisions for your health.

“Dentist earnings in Edmonton and Calgary on par with other major centers such as Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal” 

Like any other business, dental fees are based on the cost of doing business. The average cost of doing business in Alberta is higher than other provinces.

For dentists, these costs include capital costs for establishing a practice, lease costs, dental instruments, equipment, computers and other material as well as salaries for dental hygienists, dental assistants and support staff. Dentists must meet the provincial Infection Prevention and Control standards which are higher than most other jurisdictions and come at a significant cost. The costs for obtaining a dental education is the most expensive University Program.

According to a February 2015 article on Workopolis.com, the salaries for Canadian dentists are similar to other professionals such as family physicians and lawyers.

A more practical comparison is dentists’earnings.  Livingin-Canada.com shows dentists in Ottawa, London and Saskatoon report higher average earnings than in Alberta. Dentists in Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal report earnings very similar to those in Calgary and Edmonton.

Together with your dentist, you determine your dental care needs and review your customized treatment options and costs. Dentists will provide you with an estimate of a procedure before your treatment and will often contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage. This can help you to be prepared before your treatment.

Dental care is highly individualized and no two treatments are the same. Other health conditions and your own oral hygiene practices can affect your treatment. Speaking with our support staff at Solara Dental Care will help you to better understand your own needs.

**This information is provided by the Alberta Dental Association+College**


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