The Truth About Root Canals

What is root canal?

There are many people who believe that the root canal is an unpleasant and painful process, but the dentist in SW Calgary would alleviate that fear by giving the proper knowledge. Root canal treatment is required when the tooth’s interior tissues, called the pulp, become infected. Bacteria, cavities and deep decay enter through a chip or crack in the surface of your tooth and can spread the infection to the root canals of your teeth into tissues of your gums and form an abscess.

When do I need a root canal?

The dentist in SW Calgary will inform you regarding the usual signs which include the following:
The sensitivity of the tooth to hot/cold
Sensitivity to touch
Tenderness while chewing
Inflamed gums around the tooth

Being aware of these symptoms will help you make a decision and should visit a dentist near you who could decide whether or not the root canal is needed.

The root canal procedure

The entire procedure can take two sittings wherein the first one, the dentist in SW Calgary would numb the tooth and remove the infected pulp. Gutta-percha which is a biocompatible material will be used to fill the temporary space inside the tooth. A temporary crown would be fitted if necessary for healing.

In some root canals, a metal rod is inserted down the root to hold the tooth in place when the tooth decay has compromised the other roots and made the tooth unstable from the gums.

The dentist in SW Calgary would begin the restoration process once the crown has been prepared. The crown will be placed over your compromised tooth. The crown would be similar to your natural teeth, and in just a few days the ‘new’ tooth would be ordinarily functional.

Why the bad reputation?

The fear for root canals was as a result of poor research and the time when modern facilities were not there. Today, the dentist near SW Calgary can complete the procedure which will be just as painful as getting a filling installed. So go to the dentist near you if you have any of the above symptoms and get the treatment done now.

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