Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Your dental implant procedure was a success, what’s next? The days immediately following your successful implant procedure are very important in determining how well your implants will do. Oral care will be a little different, but extremely important. The fact that your mouth has just undergone surgery means that it is more susceptible to bacteria.

Caring for Your Implants After Your Procedure

Once your procedure is completed, the gum tissue around the implant site will be firm, keratinized tissue. This tissue is important for keeping bacteria out of the wound. Maintaining this tissue and making sure that it keeps a solid seal can keep you from developing serious oral problems. This means you must prevent the buildup of plaque and biofilm on the site.

Using Safe Dental Products

For the most part, your dental implant can be cared for just like any other tooth in your mouth. You should brush it at least twice daily to avoid any buildup of erosive plaque that can lower the longevity of your implant. Another thing you can do to extend the longevity of your implant that is very important is to make sure that you only purchase and use toothpaste that is low abrasive. Low abrasive toothpaste acts as regular toothpaste does as far as the rest of your teeth are concerned, but it allows you to protect your implant from premature erosion. Your natural teeth are a little more resilient when it comes to subtle erosion. The fact that an artificial can’t naturally repair itself means that you must take care of it a little more carefully than your other teeth!

We hope that this information has been ultimately helpful to you. Your dental implants can last a very long time if you practice good oral care. If you ever have a question or need a cleaning, feel free to call us or drop by the office during business hours!

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