Solara Health Group is a group of like minded people who have come together with the singular purpose of providing better health care for YOU.


Rest Assured Bodyworks

Practitioner: Masoud Shahanaghi, BSc, RMT

Services: Massage, CranioSacral, Reflexology, Breema, Cupping


Phone Number: 403-457-2722

As a teenager, while practicing marshal arts, I was introduced to body pressure points. Although a different purpose, this was my first encounter with Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupressure, and Shiatsu. Most importantly, I started to become interested in Metaphysics, Zen, and Chinese, Greek and Persian Philosophies.

Despite this huge interest (which never dissipated deep down in my soul), my focus changed toward technology namely Computer Science. In 1987, I received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Sharif University of Technology. Although to some of us, it may sound as if there is no relevance between the two fields (i.e. Computers & Human Studies), I have come to the awareness that my studies in the computers created a foundation for my approach to different aspects of human studies. It has also been brought to my consciousness that the human being is the most sophisticated and self-contained computer in existence. We haven’t even begun to tap into the mystery of its inter-related hardware and software … yet.

Based on this awareness and due to my existing interest in studying the human being and its metaphysical aspects, I was drawn back into Human Studies. During the past few years I have been studying and researching alternative health and traditional medicine through several educational institutes as well as self-research. So far, the following is a summary of what I have been blessed to study and learn:

When we established Rest Assured Bodyworks, Shelley and I set our goals to educate ourselves, master various practices and give a hand to others in an effort to help them awaken to the gifts already within themselves by learning, practicing and prospering. We constantly develop new programs that enable us to create partnership with other fellow practitioners and experts in various modalities to provide unique services to our valued clients. These programs will be posted on our website as they are created and manifested. Therefore, we encourage Practitioners, Clients, and everyone else to visit our website more often as you will likely find something that will interest and/or benefit you, or someone you care about!

Solara Health 

Practitioner: Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier

Services: Chiropractor


Phone: (403) 266-2283

Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006. Since then he has focused his practice on learning more about the function of the upper cervical spine in people’s health and the NUCCA technique. Dr. Bohemier is currently involved in the NUCCA certification process and recently just finished a 3 year post graduate diplomate program in the head and neck (Diplomate in Chiropractic Cervico-Cranial Junction Procedures). Dr. Bohemier speaks at companies and in educational forums to help teach people the importance of the head and neck in their health with an emphasis on helping people with migraine headaches, complicated neck problems and reflexive postural distortion. He is motivated by the results he saw personally from NUCCA care with his headaches and hopes that he can help more people who are suffering find a solution.

Amy Bondar

Practitioner: Amy Bonder, Nutritional Therapist

Services: Nutrition Consulting

Website: Phone: (587) 436-2692

Nourish your body, mind and soul with Amy Bondar, Nutritional Therapist, Author and Speaker. Amy helps you discover the joy of eating, while creating lasting improvements in your health, eating habits and weight. She is a trusted and compassionate expert whose nutritional wisdom and counseling techniques have helped people overcome health and weight issues for over 13 years. Amy has used her extensive health and nutritional training to develop hundreds of nutritional programs for common health conditions including:

  • Arthritis, MS, Cancer and other auto-immune conditions
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac, Colitis)
  • Diabetes, heart disease and weight issues
  • Hormonal imbalances, infertility
  • Health optimization, anti-aging and prevention
  • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, depression and more

Amy also offers a refreshing approach to weight loss and as a Certified Eating Psychology Coach she understands that what we eat is only part of the equation. Who we are as eaters and why we eat is the other part we must explore so that we can have long and lasting weight loss and truly transform our relationship with food, body and self.