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Simple Choices Can Have Big Impact

Daily Decisions to Success

Our health, like anything else, can be dramatically impacted by the small daily habits we choose. Think of the spokes of a wheel. At the hub the spokes are very close together. They start out just slightly apart at their base.


Chariot-Wheel-Konark-Orissa-IndiaIf you trace 2 spokes out into space they will end up in dramatically different places.

Our daily decisions have the same power in affecting our health. We make those seemingly small insignificant choices, but when traced out in the years to come, they can lead us to long term health or not.

There are really only a few key things that if we did them daily and gave them priority, we would live long healthy lives. Everyone is interested in living longer. However, have you stopped to think about what living longer would be like if you are unhealthy?

Mindset, what we eat, how we sleep, whether we exercise and take time to relax and unwind are some of those few key things. Most of us have heard about these things over and over again to the point that they get tuned out.

Usually the simple things have the most power.

Choose ONE LITTLE THING that you will commit to doing daily over the course of the year. Make notes about how you are feeling or doing healthwise right now to do with your choice. Put these notes somewhere where you will easily find them next January.

See how this little thing can turn into achieving a big goal.

COMMITMENT is that turning point in your life when you Seize the Moment and convert it into an opportunity to ALTER YOUR DESTINY

– Denis Waitley

Having someone to encourage you on your journey has been shown to dramatically improve your chances of success. Your health is a top priority for us and so we have designed an accountability program to help you succeed.

Please join our New Year’s Resolution Accountability Program.

We wish you all the best in 2016


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