Sedation Dentistry CalgaryIf fear has ever kept you from visiting the dentist you are not alone. Sedation or “Sleep” Dentistry could be the perfect solution. Dental phobia has been listed as the 6th most common fear in the world! It is estimated that close to 50% of us even avoid routine cleanings and checkups because of the fear that “the hygienist or the dentist will find something”. This subjects your personal appearance and health to risks you may be unaware of. Dental phobia can have a damaging effect on your oral and overall health, and new methods of sedation can help. Sedation dentistry is able to give you options and make dental visits more comfortable than ever before.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is very important to your overall well being. There have been links to swollen gums, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and low birth weight babies. Yet despite all of the systemic connections, people with dental phobia still have trouble walking through the door. Sedation dentistry is giving phobic patients an opportunity to overcome their fears and get the treatment they need for optimal wellness and disease prevention. There are 2 options of sedation dentistry that we offer.

1. Oral Sedation

Your dentist will prescribe an oral medication for you to take before your scheduled appointment. You will be fully coherent and able to communicate and interact with your dental team yet time passes quickly and you will have little recollection of your visit. You will feel relaxed and at ease.

2. IV Sedation

Is a deeper level of sedation that will allow for virtually no memory or discomfort during your visit. This option is used very successfully for even the most nervous patients as it allows for immediate adjustments to the amount of medication needed to keep you relaxed and comfortable. It also makes time pass quickly so that a 2 hour appointment feels like 10 minutes.

At Solara, we understand your fears. Our compassionate staff are specially set up to treat guests who experience dental phobia or severe gagging. Sedation dentistry is able to provide people with stress free dental care and is making a huge impact in the health of those patients who are too fearful to seek the care they need. We are committed to the latest dental technology and procedures to enable even the most apprehensive patients to take control of their health. Call today for your free consultation to see which sedation option is right for you.

∗∗ When booking a sedation appointment you will need to plan for a companion to accompany you home. You will not be safe to drive or leave the office on your own.

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