Teeth Grinding Prevention

Teeth Grinding Prevention

Teeth grinding is a problem that we rarely pay attention to immediately. When left untreated it can cause several other health issues. Some of these include headaches, pain, and tooth damage. If you suffer from teeth grinding contact our dentists to find a treatment plan that works for you. Solara Dental Care provides you with various teeth grinding solutions.

Night Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are common and affordable option to prevent teeth grinding from badly affecting your health. Night mouth guards are to be worn during your sleep to prevent grinding your teeth. Depending on the amount of pressure applied, they can last you for a while.

Teeth Grinding Guard

Another teeth grinding treatment option is known as a dental splint. Similar to a typical mouth guard, these are made to further protect your teeth from the harm caused by grinding. Talk to your dentist about getting a customized dental splint. It is an affordable way to protect your teeth and jaws. They are made out of durable material and with proper care, will last you a long time.

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Speak to one of our dentists at Solara Dental Care about getting a customized dental splint or mouth guard for your healthy smile. It is the best way to protect your teeth and avoid future problems and treatments. Contact our clinic today to book an appointment!


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