Sedation Dentistry SW Calgary, AB

Sedation Dentistry SW Calgary, AB

A fear of the dentist is a common issue, but it has an easy solution. If you or your child has a phobia of the dentist, then Solara Dental Care will provide you with quality care and comfort during your visit. Our dentists are qualified and experienced in sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB. To see what sedation services we provide, read on. To schedule an appointment with sedation dentistry in Calgary Southwest, AB give our clinic a call today.

Oral Sedation Dentistry Calgary

One option is oral sedation. This is a common way to alleviate anxiety that comes with dentist visits. Your dentist will provide you with a prescribed oral medication. They will ask you to take it before your scheduled appointment. Oral sedation allows you to remain alert and awake, yet completely relaxed and anxiety free. You most likely not remember the visit or your time on the oral sedation. We ask you to prepare in advance and bring someone along to drive you home after your visit.

IV Sedation Dentistry South Calgary

IV sedation is a deeper level and will leave you with no memory of your visit. It is very successful with high anxiety patients in need of a treatment or procedure. You will feel completely relaxed and with no pain. Similar to oral sedation, we ask you to bring a friend along to guide you back home.

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We understand your concerns and anxieties and want your experience with us to be comfortable and relaxing. Speak with your doctor if you think you would benefit from oral or IV sedation during your next visit to our clinic.

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