Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Each tooth in your mouth plays a vital role in chewing, speaking and maintaining healthy bones and proper teeth alignment. People of all ages have missing teeth; it is not only a casualty of getting older. If you do lose any teeth, it is important to replace them quickly to maintain proper jaw function and oral health.

We are happy to tell you; there are ways to restore your smile. Dental bridges are a great way to fill the gaps created by missing teeth. Schedule your appointment with our dentists in Calgary to provide you with dental bridges today.

Solution for missing teeth

Our dentists in Calgary at Solara Dental Care use bridges to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is either fixed permanently or removable.

A fixed bridge is made by placing dental crowns on the adjacent teeth on each side of the gap and then bonding an imitation tooth in the space in between or by bonding a replacement tooth to the natural teeth.

A removable bridge is like a partial denture. It is created to fill the gap and can be removed to clean it every day.

Get a Dental Bridge in Calgary

If you have lost one or more teeth due to injury, decay or disease, it is important to replace them to restore jaw function, oral health, and aesthetic appearance. Each tooth works together to perform daily functions.

Missing teeth make it difficult to eat and speak properly and can lead to bone loss. The teeth adjacent to the gap start to shift in towards the gap. This shifting can change your bite which can lead to misalignment of the remaining teeth. These teeth can crack because they are no longer matching with the teeth above or below them. The change in your bite can also cause headaches and jaw and neck pain.

Dental bridges are an effective way to restore your oral health and more youthful appearance. We are also pleased to offer another solution to our patients: implanted teeth to fill in the gaps. Contact our general dentists today!


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