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Our Fit Bit Challange

Calgary dental office teams up for charity, Our team is on a journey to becoming a complete health dentistry office in Calgary.  We have been learning more and more about our overall health.

This month we have been learning about heart health.  We had Diamond, the founder of Heart Fit, come and talk to us about it.  He shared that about half of all people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol and so would be deemed “healthy” by their family doctor.  HALF of all people who have a heart attack!!!  That means many people are walking around thinking they are healthy.  He also shared with us that heart disease is one of the major diseases that is treatable and reversible.  The things we are to do to help are hearts are not sexy or complicated.  They are back to the basics:

  • getting more active,
  • eating more vegetables and the right fats,
  • reducing sugar intake,
  • getting proper sleep,
  • reducing stress and
  • making sure your gums are healthy. 

So, as a team we decided that we would walk our talk.  We have healthy gums.  It comes with the territory.  We are literally going to walk our talk.

We all got Fit Bits and are going to accumulate all of our steps to walk across Canada. 
It is fun to have a goal and fun to participate together as a team.  

We would love for everyone who is interested to join us.  Any pedometer will do.  Just email us weekly with your step total and we will add it to our step count.  Email:  info@solaradentalcare.com

We also are supporting two Kenyan girls, Patricia and Snyder, through high school. (Secondary school Forms 1-4)  We are paying for their school fees and boarding.  They are AIDS orphans.  They lost their parents to AIDS.  We started supporting them in 2013.  They are both in their 3rd year of secondary school as it is called there.  We have invested about $4800 over this amount of time.  So far we have been raising small amouts by having jean days at the office to raise awareness of our support.  People have been kindly sharing coins in the piggy banks we have on the reception desk.

So what do these two topics have in common?

We decided to make our walk across Canada and opportunity to raise more funds for these girls.  Patricia wants to go on to university to become a lawyer.  If we can raise enough money, we will be able to help her with that.  So we are asking people to donate their change.  We are hoping to raise 1 cent per 10 steps across Canada. There are 8,500,000 steps to cross this beautiful country.  So that means we will raise $8,500.  This will help her with about 2 years of university.



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