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Oral Health and Cancer Month

Fight Oral Cancer With Exceptional Oral Health  Daffodil

April is Oral Health Month!

Make sure to pay extra attention to your mouth’s well being over the next few weeks to support Canada’s Oral Health Month.

Oral health involves more than maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It involves the health of the whole area of the mouth and face and includes serious conditions and diseases such as oral cancer. Oral health can affect a person’s social, physical, and mental health, and it may be linked to chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

For more information on how to fight cancer this coming month visit The Canadian Cancer Society’s Website.

Fortunately we at Solara Dental have a great way of both increasing oral health and scanning for oral cancer today! Simply book an appointment with us for hygiene and receive a free Oral Cancer Screening.

Call us to book your appointment today at: 403-266-6868

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