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Kissing Your Dog can Lead to Gum Disease

Kissing your dog may lead to periodontal disease |Calgary

Is kissing your dog harmful to your oral health?

It’s February. The month that holds the holiday of love – Valentine’s Day. Many of us are dog owners. And dog owners LOVE their pets. But did you know that a harmless lick or kiss from your dog, can transfer dangerous mouth bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease?

A study was done in 2011 where researchers collected dental plaque from 66 dogs and 81 humans who visited dog training schools and animal clinics in Japan.  The plaque was analyzed for signs of bacteria. It was determined that both the humans and the dogs, contain bacteria in their mouth that can be transferred from even a lick on the mouth from a dog to a human.

Periodontal disease affects the tissues that support teeth and hold them in place. If left untreated, the teeth may become loose and eventually fall out.

All dog owners, I’m sure, will now think twice before smooching their pooch!

A visit with your hygienist can answer any questions you have about periodontal disease.

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