Invisalign: Making Self-Care a Priority

It is natural for working adults to place the care and attention of others before themselves. Hectic schedules involving work and family allow for little personal time.

Invisalign makes self-care an attainable priority.

Case Studies

There are many testimonials on YouTube regarding Invisalign and its melding into busy, multi-tasking life-and-work schedules. Improvements to a smile will improve self-confidence and define a personality.

Invisalign is a treatment proven to be a cost-effective alternative to braces, assuming Invisalign is the proper method of correction for you. Any support of oral wellness becomes a natural extension of quality dental care. Please take the time to view the case studies and see how these personal testimonials apply to you and your lifestyle.

Invisalign For You

For some, crooked teeth can be straightened, and certain bite issues can be resolved, by clear computer-generated trays without the impact on daily routines. These aligners are not permanent and can be removed when eating. This method does not restrict the Invisalign patient to certain foods or snacks. Corrections to the teeth and the bite alignment generally occur within a shorter period of time than traditional braces. Like braces, any correction to the bite and teeth alignment promotes their proper function.

Unlike braces, patients are not self-conscious about wearing the aligners as other may not be able to tell if or when they are used. This aspect makes for relaxed social situations. There is comfort and confidence in self-expression during and after treatment.

There is confusion between Invisalign aligners and clear braces because searches for clear braces will often generate information on Invisalign. Although both are treatments with the same mission, there are stark differences between these treatments.

After your review of the personal testimonials, please consider the non-invasive impacts of Invisalign on your daily routine. Then, contact Solara Dental Care near you in Downtown Calgary, Alberta, for a consultation.

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