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More About What Your Mouth has to do with Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease kills more North Americans annually than ALL cancers combined.

Something most people don’t consider that it is also a leading cause of disability.  That means the people affected by this disease have to take significant time off work to recover.  Some people cannot even return to their prior level of activity. dental health and heart attack correlation

Just take a minute to think about what this would mean to you and your family.  Approximately $21 Billion are the direct costs of heart and stroke disease to Canadians every year for hospitalization, doctor’s fees, lost wages and decreased productivity.

So, what does this all have to do with your mouth?

More and more research is linking Periodontal Disease to an increase risk of cardiovascular disease.  Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection and inflammation of your gums. The first contributing factor is the bacterial infection.  The bacteria in your mouth can enter the blood stream through your bleeding gums.  This bacteria has been found in the plaques that form in in your arteries.  The plaques can either grow to a size that blocks the arteries or they can break off and float around until they cause blockages elsewhere.

When arteries are blocked they are no longer able to carry the oxygen and nutrients to your heart or brain.  This is what leads to a heart attack or stroke.  Your heart literally stops because it can’t function without these things.  The second contributing factor is the inflammation of your gums.  Increased inflammatory markers are associated with an increase risk for heart and stroke disease.

With inflammation the arteries can swell and there is also an increase in plaque build up.

The good news it that heart and stroke disease are 2 major diseases that are actually treatable and in some cases even reversible.

There are many ways to improve your heart health.  Two of the easiest ways to invest in your heart health are

  1. to see your dentist and hygienist regularly and
  2. simply brush and floss daily.

Your heart is worth it 🙂

Here is a video showing you how to properly floss.

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