Proactive Vs. Reactive Health Care

Masoud – CranioSacral and Massage Therapist

When you are proactive you are focused on taking actions to create the health or life you want. If you are reactive then you are having to take action to fix problems or situations that have already happened. Masoud from Rest Assured Bodyworks shares his thoughts.

Why a Root Canal Should not Hurt!

Dr. Palmer B.Sc.D.D.D Solara Dental Care

There are different theories regarding endodontic therapy, commonly known as “root canal therapy”. Searching for “root canal myths” on the internet will bring up many opinions or even conspiracies.

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

Shelley Shahanaghi, RMT,CST and Life Coaching Rest Assured Body Works

CranioSacral Therapy Have you ever wondered why some people can be involved in a serious car accident and walk away without a scratch, and others are rear ended by another car and they are riddled with injuries, pain and challenges for years?

Smiles Cross Barriers

Dr. Steve Petryk DDS

How a person feels internally and that can bring up how other people feel as well. I believe in the laughter is good medicine and it starts with a smile.

The Trust Factor

Dr. Steve Petryk DDS

Some people have had a less then positive experience when they were young or heard some less than positive stories from people for one reason or another they don’t trust. Breaking the stigma around the industry, the old reputation and the techniques are so much better these days.