Children’s Cottage Christmas Fundraiser

Our bigger vision for our team is to help 100,000 people be healthier by 2023.  We can do this by expanding our circles of influence.  One way we have been doing this is through our Angels of Solara.  This is the name we have given our team for the charity work we do.


In the past we have always taken time leading up to Christmas to have a fundraiser for some local charity.  This year we have found a fantastic “no touch” way to help out.  We see it as HEART TOUCH.

We are reaching out with our hearts to help support The Children’s Cottage.

The Children’s Cottage has been one of our favorite charities to support.  It is a small local Calgary charity organization that has been operating since 1986.

It all started over 30 years ago with a six-bed Crisis Nursery in Killarney and a commitment to help children by preventing harm and neglect. Now, with the help of dedicated supporters like you, the Children’s Cottage Society has served over 70,000 children since our first day of service in December of 1986.


Our Vision: Resilient children blossom in healthy families.

Our Mission: Building strong children and safe nurturing families through prevention programs and support services.

Our Promise: We promise to help your parents keep you safe so that you can grow up to be healthy and happy.


The Children’s Cottage Society has been dedicated to building strong healthy children and safe nurturing families through prevention programs and support services. We work with families to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors as a strategy to promote child development, effective and nurturing parenting, and to support and strengthen family functioning. All in an effort to keep our promise to children, "to help your parents keep you safe so that you can grow up to be healthy and happy.”

The Children’s Cottage has an excellent, convenient, win/win “no touch” way to donate.  It is through a company that is called Skip the Depot.  This company will come to your home or office and pick up your bottles/cans for recycling.  The money from this will then be donated to the Children’s Cottage.

Choose ONE of two options if you want to participate: on this link to set it up yourself:

2.Email/call us with your address, number of bags filled with bottles that you want to donate and a description of where the bottles will be located for pickup and we will set it up for you.


We truly appreciate everyone’s participation in helping us

help our community and reach our Vision.

Please let us know if you participated so we can add you to the list of our Angels.


Our contact-less bottle drive for The Children's Cottage Society has ended and we're so happy with the results :) .

$456.10 was raised through bottle collection and generous cash donations.

We've matched those donations and have donated the total $500 we set as our matching maximum.

Thank you to everyone who contributed ❤️

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