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We don’t plan to be sick, right? In fact we are truly bummed when the bug hits and we instantly want a remedy that will take us away from the discomfort of the feeling of dis-ease. Yet when we do get sick, for most, it’s not often and when it hits, we open the medicine cabinet and pull out the over the counter medications that have been there since the last time we were sick. Rarely do we look to see if the box or bottle is expired, because frankly we just want relief! Sound familiar???

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This scenario is played out all too often in our homes and in homes all across the globe. The challenges with this are far reaching in that, those remedies that we reach for are produced in mass for the masses, to mask or dull the pain and soothe the discomfort that is felt with the average head cold, flu or virus or for the more serious illness’s that require stronger medications that poison or kill not only the illness, but also the healthy cells that our body needs to keep us on this side of the grass. The problem lies not in the access we have to this, but in what these remedies are made of.

Our bodies are organic in matter, and when we ingest synthetic over the counter medications our bodies aren’t really sure what we are suppose to do with them. Our constitutions are such that when we eat whole foods, natural foods, and things that come from the earth rather than a laboratory, our bodies naturally and efficiently go to work to process and activate the natural healing abilities that have been assaulted by those bugs that attack our weakened cells. The application and administration of natural remedies differ from their counterparts because they are different and should be used according to the method required to achieve a state of heath again.
Not all essential oils are created equal and as a consumer seeking natural solutions for your health requires the skill of asking the right questions of those who sell you these tinctures. The difference between the majority of essential oils in the market place today and those that go through rigorous testing is like comparing real fruit with Fruit Loops. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health, I will choose the real thing.

The use of essential oils dates back to biblical times and you don’t have to read very far to discover that in many ancient cultures, essential oils, herbs and spices were considered more valuable than gold or silver. It wasn’t until just over 100 years ago that Western Medicine came onto the scene and wowed even the most skeptical onlooker. Initially pharmaceuticals were considered snake oil and over time were not only accepted but considered the first choice when  seeking a solution to the needs of those who were ill.

Essential oils and herbs took a back seat and were only continued to be used by a very small population of the western world. Fast forward to present day and we are seeing the result of the overuse of antibiotics and OCM (Over the Counter Medications) and the reactions, resistance and side effects that these synthetic medications have produced in our bodies. More people today are dying of misuse and overuse of these synthetics which is encouraging many more doctors and healthcare professionals who are becoming not only curious about the use and therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils in in their practices but are offering them as a substitution for the once popular synthetic counterpart.

Did you know that all synthetic medications are derived from the attempt to duplicate the DNA of the plant that would have been used to address a health condition? Ibuprofen for example is the synthetic form of Thyme! We all know that over use of Tylenol and other medications for headaches have an adverse reaction to the stomach, when overused. So imagine using the natural form of Ibuprofen to naturally combat the pain you are experiencing…

For many years essential oils, although taking a backseat to pharmaceuticals, have found there way into our homes and lives. You can virtually purchase essential oils anywhere nowadays and unless you have access to a laboratory to test the authenticity of the oil, you are counting on the retailer to be giving you what they say they are giving you in the bottle. “All natural”, “Pure”and “Organic”, are the buzzwords that have many believing that what they are using is in fact what is on the label. Unfortunately that is rarely the case and the reason is because there are no guidelines or regulations in this industry because people have been using them primarily for their topical and aromatic benefits.

More science and research  is being done by top universities like in the USA on the efficacy of essential oils for their therapeutic benefits  and there is only a minute number of individuals who have chosen to go the extra mile and require rigorous testing within their companies and outside of their companies in laboratories to ensure that the oils they offer to the public are safe for therapeutic use. These individuals are blazing new trails, setting new bars and achieving incredible results that are turning the heads of even the most staunch critics.

Although as a user of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, I am, and all those who are like me, are not making claims that these precious drops of oil and gifts of the Earth will cure you from what ails you; we are saying that they are worth investigating, sampling and finding out for yourself if they in fact may help to support and strengthen your immune system so that you have a better chance of fighting off things as simple as the common cold and flu or perhaps attacking more complicated health concerns.

In my humble opinion we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies in the best and most natural ways possible. Avoiding synthetic, GMO and highly processed products that have been manufactured in a factory or a laboratory, rather than harvested by a farmer in a field as close to your home or as far away from your home. These lovers of mother Earth and the fruit that she bears are supporting the ecosystem of this blue and green planet that hurls through space supporting and sustaining all of us.

I believe it begs all of us to consider our shopping habits, whether they be for internal consumption, topical application or for the aromatic properties we all are drawn to for our household cleaning products to our personal care products. Essential oils have the ability to transform our medicine cabinets, our cleaning closets and our beauty products all by simply adjusting our mindsets, our spending habits and our perceptions.

If anything, consider for yourself how much money you spend each year on OCM (Over the Counter Medication) that end up in our water systems, our landfills and our livers….that can not digest them.

There are natural solutions for all of our heath concerns: I know it, I live it, I teach it and I see people who were once hopeless now thriving because they changed the way they did things. There is always another solution to what ails you; you’re opportunity is to ask questions, seek answers and follow your heart instead of following the masses.

Join Shelley in her upcoming Solara Health Talk Essential Oils for your Health on November 16th!

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If you would like to investigate some of the scientific research that is being done right now then I encourage you to check out aromaticscience.com

The tides are changing lives are being transformed where there was no hope, no answer, no solution…….a natural solution is right around the corner.

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