Maximizing your dental health benefits before retirement

Changing jobs?
Thinking of starting your own business?

There are many benefits to planning ahead.

How to maximize your dental health benefits.

In Alberta, the government insurance doesn’t cover all of your health expenses. That’s why health benefits such as vision or dental care are usually included in a group supplementary health plan offered by many employers.

While your dental care and other health costs are being covered when you are actively working for the company, what’s going to happen with your benefits after you retire or leave your job?

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We have had many clients, who were close to retirement or already retired, tell us they wished they had talked to us earlier about their options and got advice on what they could do or what would have been best to do to maximize their health before their benefits ran out.

As you age, your teeth wear out and gum health becomes of utmost importance to your overall health. Dental work and regular oral hygiene maintenance can end up being a bigger investment. You have the chance to be proactive!!

Did you get a layoff notice?

If you’re leaving because you’ve been laid off, your benefits may continue for a few weeks. After that, in some cases, you can get individual coverage to replace your group insurance if you apply within a specified time, usually 90 days.

Contact us as soon as you can to set up a consult and create a dental health plan to maximize your benefits.

Do you plan on retiring within the next 2 years?

If you are retiring, the reality is that employers offering retiree benefits are the minority in Canada. It is a very good idea to find out more about your policy and when it will end.

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Are you planning on changing jobs?

You might want to change careers, find another job or start your own business. If that’s the case and you are not sure what kind of health and dental benefits you will have then, it’s prudent to find out how you can maximize your current benefits before you make the changes.

What are your options?

If you know that you will be retiring or leaving your job, and still have some unused dental health benefits or your current benefits are much better than the ones you are may be receiving at your new place of work, it is a good idea to plan ahead and get an appointment for a complete dental assessment.

Whatever the reasons for leaving your job and losing your health benefits are, it’s definitely recommended to sort out your health and dental insurance options before your official last work day.

Different companies may have different policies about coverage — some only cover you through your final pay period, while others cover employees through their final month. Make sure you really understand what your benefits policy looks like while you still have time. If you are not sure, talk to your human resources team or call the insurance company directly.

Here are a few examples of how our dental consultation can inform you of all your oral health needs and ways that may help you maximize your dental health benefits.

At Solara Dental Care we do a very thorough, comprehensive assessment of your oral health and come up with a detailed plan including estimated timelines for any oral hygiene and dental treatment needs.

Oral hygiene assessment is very important because the health of your gums is foundational to the health of your teeth and your overall health. Many people have periodontal disease and don’t even know it. It can take a series of appointment to get the active disease under control.

An assessment of the health of your teeth includes: checking the condition of any crowns or fillings and any other restorations that have been done in your mouth already.

Some may be ready for replacement or will be needing replacement soon. In the assessment we also look for wear, cracks, oral cancer, how your teeth fit together (this can affect headaches and other conditions).

Dental health benefits Calgary

This comprehensive assessment will give you a clear understanding of the complete health of your mouth and how to achieve maximum health. It will also provide you with an idea of how to make financial plans, maximize your benefits and kick off your retirement or new path in life in a very beneficial, healthy, proactive way.

If you are planning on retiring or leaving your job in the next two years or know that you will be laid off soon will you be proactive about your health now?

We are here to help you. Our team, at Solara Dental Care is looking forward to being a part of a healthy future for you.

Do you want a strong healthy immune system?

Now more than ever, it is a good time to take care of your health.  Having a healthy mouth is a major key in your overall health and keeping your immune system strong.  Having your gums and teeth cleaned and being cavity free are ways you can boost your immune system.  This is a proactive choice you can make today for your health.  Our office provides a very safe place, with all of the extensive protocols in place, to take care of you.  This is a great time to maximize your benefits, if you choose, before they run out at the end of the year.

We are reminding all of you that we are closed from December 24th until January 4.  We will have emergency phone access only.  Please call 403-266-6868 for the number to call.

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Update Series on all that we are doing to keep you SAFE!

dentist Calgary BeltlineYour oral health is a key factor in your overall health. It is important for you to continue taking care of your teeth and gums. This is a series of emails that we are creating to keep you informed about all of the enhanced measures we are taking to ensure your safety and wellbeing in our clinic.

Rest Assured Update 1:

Very thorough 3 step screening system implemented.

Step 1

Before booking anyone into our schedule, we do a very thorough pre-screening that consists of anywhere between 9-20 questions. You can see a version of our pre-screening questions on our website

Step 2

Once a patient has a reserved appointment time scheduled, a second screening takes place just prior their appointment. The pre-screening form is sent through our automated reminder system and if it is not filled out and submitted back to us, one of our team members call to go through the questions personally. This ensures that everyone is pre-screened just prior to coming in for their appointments. All patients are reminded every time we contact them that if at ANY point they develop symptoms, even just before their appointment time, we ask that they call us to reschedule their appointment time. It will be scheduled out at least 14 days to make sure that they are symptom free. We are not charging any cancellation or change fees at this time. We are encouraging people to feel free to change their appointments if they have any COVID related symptoms to ensure that only healthy people come into the clinic.

Step 3

Upon arrival, we screen patients with a temperature check and consent form at the front reception desk. Any patients that have any symptoms will be rescheduled as we will not see any patients experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms. There will be no cancellation or re-scheduling fees applied at this time.

In our next email we will be sharing all of the steps that we have patients take upon arrival to our clinic. Until next time, be happy and be well.

We Are Open for Business

Dental office open in Calgary beltline areaWe are pleased to announce that we are open now to help you take care of your health and wellbeing.

We hope you and your family have all been happy and healthy throughout this staycation.

We are looking forward to seeing you again and want to share with you the changes we have implemented to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.

• All patients will be asked COVID-19 pre-screening questions on the phone at the time of appointment booking.
• We are asking all patients to wear a mask to enter the clinic. (If you don’t have one, we will supply you with one upon arrival)
• Upon entrance to the clinic we will ask you to go directly to the washroom and wash your hands
• Then you will come to the front desk to have your temperature taken and fill out a pre-screening and consent form
• We will be minimizing your wait time in the reception area and maintaining physical distancing
• We have removed all magazines, coffee and water machines to minimize touch points.
• You will notice we will look different than prior to this pandemic. We are wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that we are mandated to wear by the Alberta Dental Association and Alberta Hygiene Association. We hope we are still smiling big enough for you to recognize us under our PPE.
• We are wiping down all spaces, including chairs, door handles, countertops and any other touch points regularly.Dentist in Calgary downtown beltline area open for business
• We are also booking more time for appointments so we have time to do all of the cleaning necessary in between patients.
In the clinic we are following even more stringent protocols to ensure that we all stay healthy and well.

We will be reaching out to those of you who have had your appointments pre-booked, cancelled or changed or are due for your next appointment. But please don’t wait for us. We are very busy working to make sure we are taking care of everyone. Give us a call at 403-266-6868 if you would like to book an appointment sooner.

Currently our hours are Mon-Thursday 7:30am – 4:30pm, Friday 8:00am-3:30pm
Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr Steve Petryk and our whole team at Solara Dental Care

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