Caring for Your New Smile After Invisalign Treatment

At your initial consultation at Solara Dental Care, your Calgary dentist will discuss what to expect after Invisalign treatment is completed. Proper care of your newly aligned teeth is very important, so you don’t risk reversion. Wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is crucial to preserve your straightened smile.

What Will My Retainers Look like in Calgary?

Your retainer will look much like your aligner trays and will be constructed of the same type of plastic. Retainers are also removable and custom fit to conform comfortably to your bite. In some cases, a fixed retainer is worn consisting of a thin wire that is bonded to the inside surfaces of front teeth.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Retainer after Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic appliances like traditional braces and Invisalign move teeth into unnatural positions that shift all the surrounding soft tissues and bone. Once your teeth have been straightened, it takes a while for these components to adjust and stabilize. If you had large gaps prior to treatment, this process may take a year or longer.

There is a high chance of relapse once Invisalign treatment is completed if you don’t wear a retainer. When this occurs, teeth shift back to their original positions. To correct this reversion, you would have to start the orthodontic process all over again.

Will I Need to Wear Retainers All the Time?

Right after the desired result is achieved and braces are removed, it is time to wear your retainer. Expect to wear the dental appliance all the time for about a year. Once your teeth, gum tissue and bone have stabilized in the new position, you Calgary dentist will assess the situation. The require wear time may be reduced to just overnight, or a few hours each day.

How Long Will I Need to Wear Retainers?

Our teeth, bone, and soft tissues change and adapt countless times throughout life. This is what makes Invisalign so effective at correct imperfect smiles at any age. As we grow older, teeth shift with or without past orthodontic treatment. To avoid unwanted changes in tooth alignment, you can wear a retainer overnight for a set period, or a lifetime. Fixed retainers can remain in place over five years.

How Will My Retainer Affect My Everyday Life?

A removable retainer can be taken out for eating, teeth cleaning, or when participating in athletic activities. A custom-fitted mouth guard should be worn in lieu of your retainer during contact sports play. Always clean your retainer thoroughly when it is out of your mouth. Store it properly and keep it out of reach of animals.

Keeping Your Smile Looking Its Best with Regular Dental Care

Be diligent about maintaining good oral hygiene habits after Invisalign treatment in Calgary. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss every day and visit your dentist as directed. It takes mere minutes in your routine to protect your oral health. If you have severely misaligned teeth before Invisalign, they will be much easier to clean after orthodontic treatment.

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