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Can the sugars in your medications increase dental cavities?

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Sugar content in medications can actually increase your risk of cavities

When at the pharmacy counter a few weeks ago filling a children’s antibiotic prescription, I was asked if I wanted the berry flavor that contained sugar or banana, the sugar-free flavor. The pharmacist then said that the berry flavor was the default flavor that is most commonly given to children.

That was the first time that I truly thought about the fact that sugar is added to so many liquid forms of medications. When taken several times a day, it can be similar to sipping a can of Coke over the course of the day and allowing the sugars to sit on your teeth increasing your risk of dental cavities.

There is growing evidence that shows that many children on long-term medication for chronic medical problems are particularly at risk of developing dental caries, dental disease, or may even require treatment procedures that can put the general health or even life of the child at risk.

If you haven’t had your children in recently for a dental check-up and cleaning,
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P.S. Next time you’re at the pharmacy counter filling a liquid form medication, ask if there is a sugar-free alternative.


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