Calgary Dentist: Top Reasons To Use Your Dental Benefits Before the Year is Over

Most patients haven’t used up all of their dental benefits prior to the year’s end. If this is the case for you, it’s a great idea to book an appointment at your Calgary Dentist near you. Solara Dental Care, as a premier dentist in Calgary, will carefully consider your needs and options to determine how best to maximize your dental benefits. We’ve listed the best reasons to utilize your benefits prior to the year’s end.

Save Money

You could save hundreds by using your benefits before the year is over. The reason is simple: a majority of dental insurance plans set an annual maximum amount that they will provide for in a given year. This amount usually doesn’t roll over. In other words, it’s use-it-or-lose-it.

If you’ve already had some dental work done this year, you may not think it’s worth going again. But in addition to losing your benefits, if you’ve already paid a deductible this year, getting work done next year will require paying the deductible again! So, move anything up that you might get done early next year to late this year to avoid paying your deductible.

Prevention Works Better When It’s Sooner

Any dentist in Calgary will tell you, the only result of delaying treatment is increased costs and more complications. If prevention is the best medicine, early prevention is even better medicine. Use your benefits now, rather than later to avoid pain and greater expense. Leftover coverage that will expire is the perfect opportunity to be proactive.

Besides, if problems worsen and your costs increase, you might even exceed your benefits! Being able to safely use up your benefits now rather than exceed them later is a no-brainer!

Book Before It’s Too Late

Do you need to use your dental benefits before they expire? If so, and you’re looking for an expert dentist near you, the premier Calgary Dentist is Solara Dental Care. As expert dentists in Calgary, Solara Dental Care is ready to assist you in determining your needs and getting the most out of your benefits.

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