Brighten Your Smile This Fall with Teeth Whitening Solutions

Solara Dental Care can provide you with a beautiful white smile and help you keep it for years to come. Together with our professional teeth whitening treatment that will deliver exceptional results, there is no need for you to go through life feeling ashamed about how your teeth look.

Calgary Teeth Whitening

If you feel ready to whiten and brighten that smile of yours for a big boost of self-confidence, we’re prepared to help. Just give us a call here at your teeth whitening dentist in Calgary, or you can request a consultation online. We are looking forward to helping you enhance the appearance of your smile. If your teeth are stained or dull, we can help you get than brighter and whiter smile back that you need for more self-confidence.

It depends on the whitening method you select; the results can be dramatic as it’s possible to whiten your teeth as much as ten shades lighter.

In-Office Whitening – For the quickest and most desirable results, in-office teeth whitening is your best method available to bring about dramatic improvement in the appearance of your teeth. We begin by performing an oral exam to be sure that your gums are healthy. Then we cover your gums, teeth, and tooth root surfaces with a protective barrier. They use a plastic apparatus called a retractor that will keep your lips and cheeks from getting in the way as the dentist applies professional grade hydrogen peroxide emollient/gel to your teeth that will be left on for about an hour. During this time, sit back, relax, unwind. You will notice immediately that your teeth are brighter and whiter when we remove the emollient/gel. Your newly whitened teeth should stay that way for at least six months to two years and some even longer.

Take-Home Whitening – While it is going to be a long process to reach your desired level of whiteness with the take-home teeth whitening option, you may still dramatically improve how your teeth look. If you opt for this choice, we will begin by taking an impression of your teeth to design two think plastic whitening trays that will fit perfectly over your teeth. When you are ready to whiten your teeth at your house, you will fill the trays with the whitening gel, then slip the trays over your teeth, leaving them on for about an hour. We will be sure to give you all the detailed instructions and the tools you will need when you come by our office to pick up your at home whitening kit.

How to keep your new whitened teeth since everyone wants to keep that dazzling smile is essential to all of us. The truth is that our teeth become dull, stained, and discolored over time due to factors like foods, drinks, tobacco, cigarettes, and other factors over time. One of the most popular and cost-effective and asked for treatments we provide to enhance that smile of yours is using a high-concentration bleach whitening formula that can give much better results than you can achieve with the over the counter products you can purchase. Plus we make sure to protect the sensitive areas of your mouth like your gums and tooth roots making the whitening process more comfortable for you.

Teeth whitening near you is available, and we only use professional strength whitening agents that you cannot buy over the counter. Book your appointment online today for professional teeth whitening in Calgary!

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