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Blue Lip Selfie Campaign

Support Oral Cancer Month With #Bluelipselfie

April is Oral Cancer awareness month! One easy way to help support oral bluelipcancer awareness and research is to be a part of the #bluelipselfie campaign.

How to Participate:

Everybody can take part in the Blue Lip Selfie campaign; men or women, old or young!

All you need to do is take a selfie of yourself or alongside family, friends or colleagues, and upload to the official blue lip selfie gallery.

As well as uploading you selfies to the official app, don’t forget to share your selfies with the hashtag #bluelipselfie to help raise awareness get the campaign going viral and encourage others to show their support for mouth cancer.

Blue Lipstick or Blue Lips:

You can also take selfies wearing blue lipstick or blue plastic lips – the choice is yours! Check out our image gallery for some inspiration!

For more information on how to participate in the #bluelipselfie campaign please visit the MouthCancer.org’s website

Help save lives by helping to raise awareness.

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