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Big Things Sometimes Come in Small Packages

Learn how to Create Small Daily Habits That are Highly Beneficial to Your HealthWoman Holding Mouthwash

Human behavior is systematic. Something deep down within us makes us want to see patterns and consistency throughout our daily routine. However, sometimes creating these patterns can be an interesting task!

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to create small habits to enhance almost any aspect of your life:

Step 1: Start very small

Picking an incredibly small step when starting to build a habit will radically increase the chances of actually following through with the step. For instance rinsing with mouth wash daily.

Step 2: Find an anchor for your new habit

An anchor for your new habit can be anything; every time you park your car, every time you walk into your house, whenever you turn on or off the TV, before or after you shower in the morning or night, etc. With so many daily routines already in your life finding an anchor for your new habit can be very simple. Once you have found your anchor attach it to your new habit. For example: Every time I go to brush my teeth I decide that I am also going to rinse with mouth wash. This will help maintain your new habit of rinsing with mouthwash by allowing a rinse to become a part of your already established brushing routine.

Step 3: Celebrate immediately!

Celebrations can be as small as smiling at your fresh teeth in the mirror, giving yourself a thumbs up or even just telling yourself good job! Our brains aren’t very good at distinguishing between “I did this huge thing and I’m feeling awesome about it” and “I did this tiny thing and I’m feeling awesome about it”. Which means that celebrating the small things can give you the same excitement as celebrating larger aspects of your life, reinforcing the habitual routine that you have just created.

Start your new small habits of remembering to take care of your oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and rinsing today.

For more tips on how to become better at remembering to take care of your teeth come visit us at Solara Dental.

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