When we talk about the value of art to people and society, we usually start with its intrinsic value: how it makes us feel, how it brings beauty into our lives and how it helps us to connect emotionally with others. However we also understand that arts and culture have a wider impact that benefits us socially, economically and educationally. These benefits are universal: everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to experience art and culture. Learn More …

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The In-Definite Arts Society supports adults with developmental disabilities to create, exhibit and sell visual art.


Over 200 artists with disabilities create art at In-Definite Arts. Shown here, IDAS artist and representative to the Board Michael Robertson stands beside his artwork.


The In-Definite Arts Society comprises a multidisciplinary visual arts studio and inclusive gallery for artists with disabilities. Shown here, artist member Roby King works on his painting with support from IDAS staff.


The In-Definite Arts Society operates an inclusive and accessible public gallery for visual artists with disabilities to connect with the community.