Our dentists at Solara Dental Care in Calgary, AB are determined to provide you with the highest quality of care. This involves making available to you advanced technology in the dental field. Our dentists are all experienced and trained in using innovative approaches and technology. We provide patients with a variety of dental services. If you would like to know more about the advanced technology we provide, then read on.

  • Digital X-Rays and Imaging. Digital x-rays help reduce radiation by over 60%, providing you with more effective care. X-rays assist in getting to the root of your dental issues quickly. They show what the naked eye cannot see.
  • CariVu Cavity Dector. A handheld device that uses transillumination technology to allow your dentist to discover hard-to-see decay in your teeth. It is a comfortable way to detect cavities that can cause you further pain, and minimizes your exposure to radiation, making this device ideal for children & expecting mothers.
  • VELscope Oral Cancer Screening. Technology that allows for better chances of early detection and positive outcomes.
  • Laser Dentistry. Laser dentistry works as a pain-free scalpel. It helps to avoid swelling in your mouth caused by scalpels and trauma. It also reduces the risk of infection by killing bacteria as it cuts.
  • Laser Whitening. Our dentists provide laser whitening that uses new technology to bleach and whiten your teeth. It is a safer alternative to toxic whitening gels and is much more comfortable to our patients. Laser whitening also only takes up to thirty minutes to complete, leaving you with more time.
  • Single Visit Crowns. Computer-designed in-office for your convenience.
  • Nucca Practitioner. Complete health care including an on-site Nucca practitioner that emphasis on helping people with migraine headaches, complicated neck problems and reflexive postural distortion.

For more information on the advanced technology we provide, contact our Calgary clinic today.

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