Address imperfections of the smile with reconstructive dentistry 

Have you heard about the reconstructive dentistry procedures? They are used for repairing and enhancing the smile. Patients with missing natural teeth may need to get them replaced. Patients with large areas of decay will have to rely on effective methods of maintaining the tooth structure without the need for dental extractions, says dentist in Calgary. With the reconstructive dentistry, patients can address problems within smile and enjoy benefits of restorative solutions.

Reconstructive Dentistry Procedures Available

Dental implants

According to the dentist near SW Calgary, for some patients, a permanent option for replacing missing teeth can be dental implants. The titanium metal implants are used for holding the crowns, dentures, or bridges, depending on their specific needs.

Dental Bridges

The dentist in Calgary AB explains that by bridging the gap after tooth loss, patients can restore the function and beauty of their smile. The dental bridges are a popular option as they are less expensive than implants but are more permanent than dentures.


The dentist in Calgary is pleased to provide dentures as an economical yet effective way of enhancing the smile after tooth loss occurs. Dentures may be partials, used for replacing one or more teeth in the dental arch or full dentures which replace the entire arch. Both are custom-made to match the existing teeth for a natural appearance.


According to dentist in T2R 0B4, straightening the teeth with orthodontia is often done when patients have a crossbite, underbite, or overbite which is not just affecting the ability to eat properly but may also be causing damage to the natural tooth structures.

Composite resin bonding

A material known as composite resin bonding is often used for covering problem areas of the smile including teeth that are gapped, stained, or broken. The treatment can last for several years with proper care before needing a replacement.

The dentist near you can help in offering treatments for restoring the function and beauty of the smile. The type of treatment will be chosen by the dentist based on your individual dental condition.

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