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A Calgary Dentist Might Soon Use CEREC Impressions for Invisalign

Thanks to the latest technological advances in the dental field, those wishing to have their crowns or fillings replaced need only to find a dental office offering same-day or single visit crowns to do so. Utilizing the CEREC technology, which creates a 3-D computerised impression of your tooth or teeth, dentists are able to create a new crown or porcelain restoration made of high-quality ceramic block in a single day, so patients don’t have to wait for several weeks to have it fabricated in a laboratory. This eliminates the need for impressions and temporaries in the process of replacing your crown or porcelain restorations.

Sirona offers digital impression submission to Invisalign,, March 11, 2015

Undoubtedly, many dentists have harnessed the CEREC technology as a reliable way to render impressions to be used for new crowns. Now, CEREC can do more than just manufacture new crowns and veneers in a single day. The technology’s innovators have recently announced a partnership with Invisalign, which enables 3-D impressions from CEREC to be utilised for Invisalign treatments. Soon, you might see your Calgary dentist using CEREC technology to cater to your Invisalign needs once this latest breakthrough is made available on the market.

In a press release, Jeffrey T. Slovin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sirona Dental Systems (the company behind the CEREC technology for Invisalign) expressed his excitement with the latest partnership, saying that this strategy can “make dentistry better, safer and more efficient and improve the patient experience.” The CEREC Omnicam and the latest CEREC Ortho software will be used by dentists to submit digital impressions when determining the appropriate Invisalign clear aligner treatment suited for a patient.

The latest Ortho software, the CEREC Ortho SW 1.1, will feature a scanning process that directly connects CEREC with Invisalign treatments. Once the CEREC Omnicam has created the digital impression, the data collected from the process will then be transferred to the Align Technology and will be used as part of the records necessary for an Invisalign treatment. With this latest breakthrough and partnership between two major dental systems, patients can now have their orthodontic treatment started faster, and will almost completely do away with the need for dentists to create a physical impression of the patient’s mouth as they could have an accurate digital impression through CEREC technology.

The latest software that makes these all possible is expected to roll out on selected markets starting this summer. Over time, patients visiting their Calgary dentist, perhaps at Solara Dental Care, won’t need to have their teeth pressed with dental putty for Invisalign clear aligners; they can simply have a 3-D impression of their teeth.

(Source: Sirona offers digital impression submission to Invisalign,, March 11, 2015)

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