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3 Reasons Why You Can Rest Easy About Root Canals

There are different theories regarding endodontic therapy, commonly known as “root canal therapy”. Searching for “root canal myths” on the internet will bring up many opinions or even conspiracies. Here are three reasons why you can rest easy about root canals and be proactive with your mouth health.

1) You’ll feel comfortable and at ease during a root canal procedure

The perception that root canals are an intense experience is no longer accurate. Like many medical procedures, root canals have become quite high-tech over the past few decades, so the pain patients experience has been reduced or eliminated. An American Association of Endodontists study found that patients who have had a root canal are almost seven times more likely to describe it as “painless” when compared to those who have never had the treatment. Right before the procedure, the dentist or endodontist will inject a numbing anesthetic medicine around the infected tooth with a slight prick on your gums. The anesthetic will quickly take affect and eliminate any pain associated with the procedure. It’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible during your procedure and we will do our absolute best to make you feel at ease.

2) Your teeth can be saved and they can last a lifetime

The primary objective of a root canal is to salvage a tooth, despite the decay or infection that has happened. According to The Mayo Clinic, many teeth treated with this therapy can last a lifetime if proper dental hygiene is maintained. Moreover, it will not be outwardly visible since your dentist will put a crown or fill on top of the tooth, whichever will be best for you. Your teeth can look as good as new, giving you confidence in a healthy mouth for years to come.

3) The best teeth are your natural teeth

Millions of restored teeth are currently serving patients all over the globe, even many years after root canal therapy. These healthy teeth are helping patients chew efficiently, maintain the natural, beautiful appearance of their smiles, and enhance their enjoyment of life. Through root canal therapy, dentists worldwide are helping patients keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. Implants, dental bridges or dentures are great, but salvaging your natural teeth whenever possible will be the most proactive and long-lasting choice. We will always work with you to maintain your mouth health for the years to come.

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