One Day Smile Makeover – Change Your Life

When you wish to smile with your white teeth, teeth whitening procedure can actually work but sometimes you may need multiple cosmetic treatments for a confident smile. In such situations, it is always better to consult an experienced dentist at Calgary AB who can examine the condition and can suggest customized treatment alternatives for a smile makeover.

Smile makeover essentials

A smile makeover may include multiple procedures which can actually enhance your smile. When a dentist at Calgary performs these dental treatments, he may provide complete smile makeover. This may include addressing the cosmetic issues as well reconstruction of mouth for one or more teeth. It is essential for a smile makeover treatment to identify all the dental issues which a patient is facing.

Reasons to go for a smile makeover:

  • Stained teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Teeth with sharp or jagged edges
  • Uneven teeth length

When customized smile makeover treatments are provided, it can correct all deviations which are causing hindrance in a perfect smile.

Planning for a smile makeover

In order to know what treatment you need to get for complete smile makeover consult an expert dentist at T2R OB4. Depending upon the condition, he may suggest one or multiple treatment options for a perfect smile. This treatment will only be suggested after proper analysis and dental check-up.

Often these common cosmetic procedures and dental treatments are suggested for smile makeover:

  • Porcelain crown for restoring the shape and size of the tooth.
  • Bridge placement for replacement of missing tooth.
  • Veneers for cracks and chips in teeth.
  • Teeth whitening for a dull and discolored tooth.
  • Dental implant for replacement of missing tooth.
  • Aesthetic contouring and bonding for reshaping the tooth.
  • Total mouth reconstruction solutions.

For smile makeover consult a prosthodontist

When a better aesthetic appearance and perfect smile is a major need, you may consult an experienced dentist near you. Prosthodontist can help obtain better smile makeover treatment with all possible dental treatments.

Your Home Teeth Whitening Routine

In this hustle bustle of life, everyone wants to smile and feel happy. People want to look their best and desire whiter teeth in our cosmetically driven world desire today. But what if your yellow and bad looking teeth are coming in the way of your happiness? Will you stop smiling? Obviously No!

So, if you are looking for a beautiful smile filled with radiant white teeth, Solar Dental Care at SW Calgary, Alberta have got various options to help you reach smile goals. But before this, let us also take a look at how one can keep their teeth white for a longer time.

Reduction in Acidic Foods

One of the most common causes of yellow teeth is due to what you consume. Sugary foods and drinks cause acidic pH levels in the mouth. Wine, alcohols, meat or any other dairy products are also acidic. One should consume more fruits and vegetables. Nuts, especially almonds, are alkaline, and can also help balance out your oral pH levels.

Brushing Properly

One should brush twice a day and rinse immediately after consuming stain-causing beverages or foods. One should also floss once a day in order to remove plaque and rinse with antiseptic mouthwash at a minimum of one time daily to kill bacteria that cause plaque. One more way to keep your teeth white is to use a whitening toothpaste once or twice a week to remove surface stains and prevent yellowing.

Teeth Whitening at Dentist Office

One should regularly visit the dentist for teeth whitening. One may need a touch-up every 6 months or after a year or two. If someone smokes or drink lots of stain-causing beverages, they might need it quite often.

Stay Away from Coloured Food

One more reason for teeth to become yellow is because they become stained by the food you eat. Few foods such are sauces, beetroot, and Balsamic Vinegar. One cannot avoid having it. But one way to stop the staining is to eat some vegetables before you eat the sauce or use balsamic vinegar.

If you are looking for personalized care and service at the dental clinic near you, visit Solar Dental Care, SW, Calgary in Alberta and bring that hidden smile on your face.

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