How to Manage Wisdom Teeth and Braces in Calgary

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Many people with braces have the added concern that their wisdom teeth will need to be removed during their treatment process. This is a common case due to the fact that braces are typically used for adolescent patients and wisdom teeth (third molars) will appear during the same time. Our experienced team at Solara Dental Care provides in depth information and services to ensure every patient’s treatment is on track. Continue reading on to learn more about our wisdom teeth removal dentist near you in Calgary.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary: What You Need To Know

Just because you have braces and wisdom teeth at the same time, doesn’t mean it is an issue. There are several different aspects to consider prior to beginning a new treatment plan. These include the following:

  • Timing: Typically, braces are preferred prior to wisdom teeth erupting. There are situations that leave the third molars coming in early or more late that normal.
  • Extraction: Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? Most of the time the answer will be yes. However, there are cases where it is not required. Wisdom teeth need to be removed if they have the potential to cause any damage or become impacted. If a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, then there is a higher risk for infection, gum disease, cysts, and other serious issues.
  • After braces Calgary: What if your braces are already removed and now your wisdom teeth are erupting? The third molars will not affect the now aligned surrounding teeth. Ensure that you continue to wear your retainer and contact your dentist if any potential concern arises. If your wisdom teeth erupt during your orthodontic treatment, then schedule an appointment with your dentist right away to figure out the next step.

Regardless of your past or current situation with braces and wisdom teeth, we encourage you to contact our clinic for further information regarding the many high quality treatments and services we provide. Call us today to set up your next consultation with a member of our dental staff.

10 Tips for How to Get the Most out of Invisalign

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Many individuals have found amazing results from their unique Invisalign treatments. Our team at Solara Dental Care has Invisalign dentists in SW Calgary. We are eager to provide practical help that will make your new Invisalign treatment a success. Continue reading on to learn of 10 helpful tips for you to get the most of your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign SW Calgary: 10 Tips

  • Keep Track of Your Invisalign Schedule. Your dentist will provide you with a series of custom-made aligners that are typically switched out every one to two weeks. Follow your plan closely to ensure you are right on track.
  • Put in New Aligners at Night. Each new set of aligners will apply different pressure to the teeth. This may bring discomfort to individuals. Therefore, it is best to put new aligners in at night.
  • Keep your aligners in for 22 hours each day. You should only remove your aligners to eat or to clean your teeth and the aligners. The constant pressure is vital in ensuring a quick treatment.
  • Monitor your diet. Snacking throughout the day will lead to more time with your aligners out of your mouth and more time spent cleaning.
  • Keep a retainer case with you. Keeping a retainer case with you at all times will allow for less stressful mealtimes away from home.
  • Hold on to backup aligners. Your teeth can quickly shift back to their original positions.
  • Keep your aligners clean. Cleaning your aligners with warm water and antibacterial soap will keep them clean and scratch free.
  • Keep your teeth clean. Cleaning your teeth after every meal will help to lower the risk of decay and eliminate debris that can get trapped in the aligners.
  • Use whitening toothpaste. Why wait to achieve a pearly white smile? Start today!
  • Use a retainer after you finish treatment. Your dentist will go over different retainer options for your smile. Be vigilant about wearing your retainer in order to avoid shifting teeth.

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