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Blood Pressure – Why do I want to know about it?

Your blood pressure is one of the most significant vital signs that is used to check your health.   If you think about it, the blood pressure test is one of the first tests that is done whenever you seek any medical attention.  Why is this? … Read more
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Simple Choices Can Have Big Impact

Daily Decisions to Success Our health, like anything else, can be dramatically impacted by the small daily habits we choose. Think of the spokes of a wheel. At the hub the spokes are very close together. They start out just slightly apart at their… Read more
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Diabetes and Your Mouth – How are they linked?

  Currently more than 10 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. That is almost 1/3 of our entire population. People with diabetes suffer from heart and stroke disease 2-4 times more than non-diabetics, blindness,… Read more
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How are migraines linked to your mouth?

Migraines headaches are one of the leading causes of disability in the world. Migraines disrupt every aspect of your life.  91% of migraine sufferers cannot work during a migraine, 70% report problems in their marriage, 24% have visited… Read more